Pretty Dress Outing

Early this week, Papillon joined me on a fun outing to a wedding dress fitting for a very good friend from college who is getting married this summer.  Her dress is beautiful, but of course I can't show you pictures of it, lest somehow, the groom gets a hold of my blog! It could happen...the internet is not as big as we think it is! 

Anyway, in lou of pretty dress pictures, a few pictures of Papillon from these fun times. 
She really got into the enthusiasm of the moment!

And enjoyed the platform and mirrors

Afterwards, it was 5 Guys for dinner. Papillon brought her own oranges.
She loves her oranges.
She also loved the french fries which she dutifully dipped in ketchup. When the fries ran out, the oranges went in the ketchup...gross, yet some how endearing.

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