Papillon received her first lollipop the other day.  We were on a little errand run to pick up some pictures and the local pharmacy.  It seems that this photo place is kind of like the bank, with a stash of candy behind the counter. The friendly lady first offered her a peppermint candy - the soft melt in your mouth kind, but still, something hard to give to an 18 month old.  We tried to be appreciative, but the lady realized something else might be better, she dug around until she found a lollipop....a BLUE lollipop.   Papillon smiled at her very enthusiastically as if she knew how awesome it was going to be, but she was hesitant to lick it until we got to the car.  Then she discovered the joys of highly-died-sugar-candy-on-a-stick:

Officially addicted.
She managed not to make too much of a mess (excepting, of course, the blue lips and mouth), but eventually she just kept holding the lollipop in her mouth without swallowing. This resulted in a large amount of blue slobber, so I had to take the rest of the lollipop away. This resulted in a few moments of tears....but, in the moment, the blue-lipped super-excited moment, it was totally worth it.

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