This year everyone came to us for Christmas, which was amazingly delightful!  No one stayed super long (most everyone lives close enough that day trips are do-able) but we got some good visiting in over the course of the holiday. 

Our first guests, and only overnight guests, were Mon Amour's Sister and her Fiance. They arrived Friday in time for us to trek out to see a local Christmas landmark....the lights on 34th street.

We have heard rumors that when you buy a house on this one block in our city, you formally agree to be part of the Christmas display madness. 
Everyone has lots of lights and other decorations, but some people's displays clearly took more work than just going to the local Wal Mart and buying the biggest, brightest thing you can find. There was some really cool stuff to see.
Last year, we just drove through, but this time we parked and walked.  It was insanely busy, but definitely worth it.

Back and home, Papillon got to show off her sweet cookie making skills to her Aunt who made some tasty home made thin-mints.  They were very good and I will definitely need to get that recipe from her...

Good times are always had when sitting on the counter is involved.

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Beth Anne said...

The lights on 34th street are so much fun! We haven't been for a few years. It is pretty impressive!