28...29...30 weeks

These pictures are from roughly 28.5 weeks, so they are just a smidgen old.  I am officially 30 weeks along today.  This pregnancy is rolling right along.

Weight gain-wise, I am roughly on track with where I was with Papillon. Which is impressive, considering how many Christmas cookies have been in my house in past weeks. 

In other good news, I passed the glucose-screening! I failed the initial test with Papillon, and had to take the darn 3-hour test. For whatever reason, I passed first time this time around. Public Service Announcement regarding that test: My doctor told me there was no need to fast before hand; the techs at the lab, however, said fasting is the way to go if you want to pass. If it doesn't make you sick to put off breakfast for a bit...fast before this test. It may save you a 3 hour future appointment! 

Papillon is very enthusiastic about the baby. She gets excited sometimes when she sees my belly and shouts "baby baby baby" until you assure her that, yes, she is correct, that is the baby. She has a really sweet way of saying the baby's name too.  I am very excited to see how Papillon and her little sister do together!

In recent weeks we have been doing lots of prep for this baby's arrival.  All the tiny baby clothes are sorted and ready to go in the nursery dresser (Papillon's clothes need to move out first, that is a work in progress).  I bought a few extra diaper liners to make our cloth diapers more versatile. We also bought tiny disposable diapers for those first weeks with a newborn.  I have a new nursing cover.  And I got and Ergo for Christmas.  With each new thing that has arrived I have felt more and more prepared!  I recently got to hold a friend's newborn baby and that made me even more excited for my own's arrival. I love love love the sleepy, snuggly, squishy new born stage.

At my last OB appointment everything was looking good. Baby is measuring just right, heart beat is good and all that.  The doctor asked if I had any complaints and I told her about this one spot on my stomach, just above, and to the left of my belly button that feels bruised. Anywhere else on my stomach can get bumped, poked, squished, and its no problem. This one spot though is VERY sensitive.  Turns out, that is Baby's head. That's why its nice and hard, and since that is also where Papillon's knee rests when I hold her, it is a bit sore.   This also explains why all her "kicks" still seem so low; it's because her feet really are nice and low.  A head-up baby is not a problem at this point, but the doctor did tell me some exercises to do to encourage that all-important somersault.  Papillon was head down by this point in pregnancy, and I am very much hoping Baby #2 decides to follow her lead and is flipped around by our next appointment. Not just for reasons of not wanting to worry about delivering a breech-baby, but also cause I would love to get her very hard head away from that bruise, and get her cute little feet kicking up at the top!

I am so thankful for this healthy pregnancy.  I was reminded in recent weeks how much of a blessing every day of pregnancy is. Life is a very precious and fragile gift and I pray that in the midst of any exhaustion, uncomfortableness, or just busyness,  I never lose sight of the awesomeness of this blessing.

That's all on the baby-front.  Roughly 10 more weeks (give or take, of course) until there will be a little head to go in this little hat that I made for her!

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