Christmas Day

Christmas Day, Mon Amour's parents joined to kick off the official holiday celebration.

First there was breakfast...check out the new no-spill bowl that Papillon received. And yes, it really does work, it is very-nearly-impossible to spill.

There were lots of presents to be opened...this is Papillon's last Christmas as the only grandchild and so the spoiling was in high gear.

Mon Amour also got spoiled....with an iPad. Whoohoo!

Papillon was a trooper with all the excitement, but eventually got tired of opening all the presents. She really honestly would have been just as happy with opening 1 or 2 gifts and then moving on.  Eventually the glazed over look set in and we took a break from unwrapping.

After gifts, Papillon tested out some of her new toys. Some fun blocks with french words on them. Oh, and note, the play-smart-phone! Yes, she loves it. And yes, she knows its a phone, she says "ha-whoa" to it all the time.

Eventually there was lunch, followed by dessert....this kiddo shares her momma's love of Rice Krispie Treats!

And finally, in order to get away from the pile of presents for a bit, and burn off some of those delicious lunch calories, we went for a walk. Papillon decided she didn't need to stroller, and walked with Grandad for a good long ways....probably about 5 blocks. Pretty impressive for two and a half feet tall.
Eventually she got tired, and had to hold on to Grandad with both hands...

Ultimately she succumbed to the stroller and later to a nap to round out Christmas Part 1...

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