36 weeks - stuff for baby

I had better get this written before we hit 37 weeks (tomorrow)!

At 36 weeks I feel as though I am very ready for Baby #2 (who still needs an official blog name...) to arrive.  I am trying to focus on embracing these last weeks of being able to focus on just one kiddo since I know life is about to get a lot busier, and there is no going back. But, I find myself instead of focusing on enjoying Papillon, I keep conjuring up projects that "must" get done before Baby #2 arrives. So I work myself ragged, keeping as busy as possible, and not patiently savoring these moments.  Note to self: Take time to relax and enjoy. 

Oddly enough, even though I would say we really didn't "need" anything for Baby #2, much of my prepping for Baby #2 has involved the acquisition of stuff. Nesting for me right now looks something like this: "Oh, we're out of applesauce, might as well buy 5 jars while I am at the store...it doesn't go bad, right?"  Stockpiling. That's what I've been up to. Haha. 

Other stuff I have acquired in the name of prepping for Baby #2 includes:

A sweet diaper bag from Singapore!  Courtesy of Mon Amour or has amazing taste and quite the talent for picking out gifts.  On this week's agenda is to pack this sweet bag full of hospital-necessities, including...

...a precious outfit to bring my little baby home from the hospital in.  I found this at Goodwill, and couldn't resist.   Not to fret, if this unseasonably warm weather doesn't keep up for her homecoming, I have a warmer outfit picked out to bring her home in.

Largely thanks to a wonderful friend, all of my dreams of gigantic bows for Baby #2 have come true - look at this selection!  Bows, socks, hats, leg warmers.   There is nothing practical about these, but somehow receiving these bows prompted my first sincere thought of "I am ready for this baby". Don't ask me why these frills make me feel more prepared. There is no rational answer.

Marge is not impressed.

Also, in the way of cute things - look at this adorable Monkey-onsie that a friend made for me?  It's a little monkey face on a tiny newborn onsie. (Sorry the picture is sideways...should have fixed that before i uploaded it).

In terms of slightly more practical stuff - I recently bought a few clean bibs. Papillon never spat up, or really drooled. She was weird (pleasantly so!) that way. I feel as though the odds of having a spit-up and drool free kid twice are pretty slim. So, we may need a few clean bibs to keep cute outfits safe.

I also got myself a new nursing cover. This is half splurge, half practical. I had a nursing cover with Papillon, but it was definitely a cheap one. Not quite big enough, fabric was pretty cheap, etc.  This time I got a much nicer one.  It's a little wrinkly....but trust me, its gonna be world's better than the last one.

Shortly after Papillon grew out of the Bumbo statge, we found one for super-cheap at a yard sale. We went ahead and bought it, figuring some day it would come in handy. It's been living in the basement since then - but whenever Baby #2 is ready for it - her Bumbo is ready for her!

Possibly my favorite acquisition in the name of Baby #2 is my little chest freezer!  It is officially on long-term loan to us from some friends who moved and don't need it in their current place.   Thanks to nesting, I think it took me just a couple weeks to fill it up. It is now full of lots of pre-made meals ready to rescue us from ordering pizza on those days when dinner just isn't going to get made.  

This was another no-cost acquisition. I was debating whether or not I needed a double stroller.  City streets are not super-condusive to strollering, and I did get an Ergo (somehow I forgot to take a picture of it) for Christmas and plan on wearing Baby #2 a lot. So I was thinking, unless I found a super-great deal on a double stroller, I was gonna make do with the single strollers we have.  Well, it's hard to beat a free when it comes to a great deal.  It needed a little cleaning when we got it. But other than the fact that it is missing the front tray (sorry kids, no table for your on-the-go snacks), its in great condition.  The jogging-style wheels should make it great for around the neighborhood. It's easy to steer. And, while its a bit heavy and cumbersome, its easy enough to fold up.  And Papillon approves of its comfy-ness.

Well, I have written my way right through nap time so I will wrap up quickly.  Here is the belly at 36 weeks.
I am at the stage where even some maternity shirts don't work...there is a lot of belly to cover.  Thanks to the combined weight of Papillon and Baby #2, my back is often sore.  But that's to be expected.  
I don't sleep super-great these days. I usually wake up every hour and a half or so in order to roll over and readjust the pillows.  Generally I fall right back to sleep, but the days of going 6, 7 or 8 hours straight at night without seeing the clock are gone, I fear; and won't return for some time.   Also, it seems I snore quite loudly these days. I blame of combination of my lungs being cramped by the Baby, and also a lingering runny nose.  It seems its bad enough to keep Mon Amour from sleeping...he often escapes to the guest bedroom to get away from the noise. Sorry about that. Hopefully I will go back to being a non-snorer after this baby is born. 
I have braxton hicks every day - some days more intense than others. The doctor tells me that I am 1 cm dialated, but that the baby "isn't very low yet".  So who knows, she could come soon, or not for another few weeks. 
In the mean time, time for some post-nap snuggles with Papillon.


Brianne and Tim said...

that stroller is a wonderful find! i'm so excited for your little one to arrive. p.s.--which goodwill do you go to?

lindsay said...

So excited for you guys! I pray that the remainder of your pregnancy is easy and that you are able to get some good sleep before baby #2 arrives!