Zoo Trip #1 of the year

I am so excited that this year we invested in a zoo membership. We went once or twice when Papillon was very small, but I don't think we went last year at all. We intend to make up for lost time this year. And with the membership, the wonderful thing is that we can do and do the zoo in small parts. Rather than trying to make a huge trip out of it. 

For our first trip of the year, it was Mon Amour, Papillon and myself on a little family outing. We brought the stroller but should have known Papillon would want to walk the whole way.
We focused on the "children's area" this time.  The weather was quite pleasant, but since it was officially still January a lot of the animals were not out but Papillon didn't mind. 

We did get to see the otters...
which, clearly, Papillon loved!

and we saw a few farm animals which Papillon enjoyed cause she could name them all. Chicken, cow, pig, sheep, all her favorites.

Just to make it a legit visit, before we left, we popped over to see the zebras and rhinoceroses.
Then it was lunch time so we headed home. Next time the plan is to skip right to the elephants and focus on that side of the zoo! But there is no rush, lots of year left to embrace our zoo membership.

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