Cuteness from the Phone Camera

Just some random pictures from my phone.  All the cutest moments happen when I don't have the camera near by.  Thank heavens for phone cameras, even thoughmine doesn't take the worlds best pictures. 
Here is Papillon trying to make friends with my parents dog, Lilly.  Lilly pretended not to see her, as Papillon laid down next to her for some quality bonding.

Pardon the random placement of the plastic bag in this one...ignore that, and its pretty cute. Papillon is hugging Lilly and just rambling on as if they are best friends catching up on the latest small talk. 

This one is blurry, but on this particular morning Papillon insisted on wearing Mon Amour's hat and her own mittens. I promise, it wasn't that cold around the house. But the oversized hat and mittens did make for some adorableness. 

These next two are from our Super Bowl party.  Papillon did not watch much of the game (none of us really did....there weren't a lot of hard core football fans at our party), but she very much enjoyed spending time with her friend.  Here they are organizing their crayons. 

And Papillon tested out her friends rocking house - she loved it! 

And for the ultimate cuteness.... Papillon is now sleeping 100% of the time in her bed.  Barring any major set backs in the transition, the crib is fully ready and waiting for Baby #2. But just because Papillon is always sleeping in her room, and most of time actually on her bed, doesn't mean that she always uses her pillow....
Sweet Thing was totally zonked. She had slept significantly past the 2 hour mark (our target nap time these days) and we were starting to get to that point where I needed to wake her up, lest she not go to sleep at bed time.  Low and behold, there she was, sound sound sound asleep with her head at the foot of the bed. So sweet. 

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