Fun at the Grandparents

Mon Amour is off on another grand work-adventure.  Leaving Papillon and myself to conjure up some fun adventures of our own. This past week, those adventures included a bit of an extended stay at my parents. Papillon always gets spoiled with fun things at my parents, and this trip was no exception.

We had to visit the bakery to get some pictures of Papillon with some special Valentine's Gift items - she is unofficially the bakery's mascot of sorts. She has a bit of a fan club of bakery customers, but more on that later.   First, a cute photo of Papillon sitting on top of a flour tub, holding a "Bread Kiss" in her lap and some cinnamon roll in her hand. Delicious and adorable. was a short lived photo shoot. Papillon found sitting on the flour bin to be a bit scary.

After the photo shoot, we checked out the office, and did a little calculating. Papillon, it seems, takes after her Grandpa when it comes to his love of numbers. She was having a blast with the calculator.

After a full morning's work at the bakery (45 minutes or so equates to a full work day when you are 19 months old), it was time to head home for a little book reading with Grandpa.

See this nifty rocking horse?
It was a gift for Papillon (well, for my parents and their far that is just Papillon, so for now it is mostly hers), from a customer at the bakery.  He makes these horses as a hobby, and, being a regular customer, knows my parents and had met Papillon once.  He decided that she must have a rocking horse, and so he made her one. And she loves it!  Thanks, Bakery-Customer! 

When visiting at Nana and Grandpa's house, it is sometimes difficult for anyone but Grandpa to get time with Papillon.  Even skyping with Mon Amour can take a back seat to the random fun that Grandpa conjures up.  So, in order to convince Papillon to spread the love, we sometimes instruct Grandpa to nap (which he needs to do anyway, seeing as his work day often starts before 2am), so the rest of us can get some Papillon-time. 

On one such napping occasion, Papillon, Nana and myself went for a walk.
And Nana taught Papillon the joys of throwing small rocks into the water to make them splash.  It was grand fun!

Papillon also enjoys hanging out with my parents dog, Lilly. Who is very old, and whose tolerance for Papillon may be more inspired by arthritis-induced-immobility rather than patience.  Either way its pretty sweet. Papillon gives her lots of pets and hugs and insists on feeding her treats. At one point Papillon brought a toy over and laid down on the floor next to her so that they could play together.

Papillon's least favorite parts of visiting Nana and Grandpa's house are those times when everyone fun (Grandpa, Nana, Aunt Mimi) is at work, and its just me and her trying to get some things done.  Note the sadness:

She likes me just fine. But when we are at Grandpa and Nana her expectations for fun increase exponentially and hanging out with mom just doesn't cut it.

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