The Lollipop Incident

One, uneventful morning, I was straightening the kitchen and Papillon was entertaining herself here and there.  She opened one of the kitchen cabinets and found my secret stash of Tootsie Roll Pops (a particular favorite of mine). Since she has only ever had one lollipop and I have never eaten one of these in front of her, I figured she wouldn't recognize it as food. 

For a while, my theory was solid.  She pulled a bunch out, lined them up on the ground to count them. "One, eight, nine, eight, nine".  It was all good. We tried to work on her colors (she doesn't get the concept of colors yet...everything is "yellow" or occasionally "pink").   

Then she tried to unwrap one. Curiosity I figured. "No, thank you, Papillon. We have to keep these wrapped".   It worked. Or so I thought.   Until she disappeared from the kitchen and was remarkably quiet. 

I took a break from dishes to check on her, and this is what I found.

Yup. She knew, or at least discovered what it was. And she loved it.
I let her eat most of it, but then she got close to the tootsie part and I had to take it away. A tantrum ensued. But such is life. It didn't last long.  The worst part (as in, only bad part, really, cause this was just a cute little adventure of discover) was that after pulling out and counting all the green and orange ones (my least favorite) the one she decided to open was a red 2nd favorite. Alas. One less red one for me.

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