Just Cute

There is nothing particularly special to say about these pictures. Mon Amour just randomly took a few one night when Papillon was being goofy and playing on the floor. 
There is something about them though - perhaps the way her hair is pulled back making her look like she has less of it, or perhaps they way she is just chilling on the floor like she would do before she was mobile -

but for some reason, they really remind me of pictures of younger-Papillon.  I saw them and was like "whoa - she looks exactly like she did when she was a baby". Obviously she is still that baby, but you forget sometimes, or lose track I guess.  And on this occasion I took a look at my toddler and got nostalgic about my baby.  9 Months is my best guess for what they remind me of.
Like I said, nothing earth shattering to report. But, its crazy to think that one day I will look at my elementary school-er and get nostalgic about my toddler. Or crazier still, look at my teenager and be nostalgic about...well, a lot!

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