Egyptian Pizza

We recently had an excuse to go out as a family for a little celebratory dinner.   Beforehand we did a little exploring of the Square adjacent to the restaurant and found this sign that made us very excited...
...and then taught us a lesson in the importance of including pertinent details in your advertising. We were drawn in by the tempting promise of crepes, but couldn't figure out where to go to get said crepes. The sign was near a floral shop, an empty store front and some stairs leading to a fitness center. No crepes in sight. Note Papillon's distress at the lack of further information about these crepes!  (We did find them after much searching, but the idea of a crepe had lost its charm by the time we did, so we shall call this an epic advertising failure. Sorry little crepe stand).

And one more tangent before we get to dinner.  As we walked around the square, Papillon started pointing and yelling "Duck! DUCK!"  She is generally very enthusiastic and occasionally just says "duck" for no apparent reason. I figured that was the case this time, until I saw what she was pointing at.   Yes, friends, my little creative thinker saw this log and recognized that it looked like a duck.

I should show you the little loop she drew herself that she then proclaimed a fish.  It truly did look like a very simple fish; you know, like the "Christian Fish". Which is the kind of fish I draw for her, so it made sense that she recognized it when she drew it herself. But I just had to take a moment to be a proud mom and point out the nifty way her brain is working these days!

Anyway, eventually we made it to dinner.  A cute little Egyptian Pizza place. 
What makes Egyptian Pizza "Egyptian" I don't know.  But, I do know, next time I go to a place with Pizza in the name of the restaurant, I will order Pizza. Mon Amour and I both got more traditionally-Egyptian entrees, and they were good. No complaints. 

But Papillon's kids pizza was AMAZING. So tasty. It's almost a shame she ate pretty much the whole thing herself.  This pizza was 8 ish inches across and she ate all but like 2 pieces of it. 

Papillon enjoyed the coloring books and crayons that were provided for her. And we all had a lovely time at dinner.

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Brianne and Tim said...

Egyptian pizza has wonderful pizza!