Pretending It's Spring

It's February, but if you didn't have a calendar, you wouldn't know it. (at least not for the first couple days).  The weather has been amazingly nice.   The day of these photos was mid-fifties. Cold compared to the mid-sixties of the day before, but still amazingly nice.  Papillon and Marge and I went for a walk. Then came home and played in the front yard for a bit.
Papillon likes to take the keys and "unlock" the car.  I couple more tries and I think she really may be able to do it!
There is lots to explore in the front yard, like leaves and rocks and of course, the car. But from time to time she takes a break to just sit. (Note the super fun pigtails!)
Here she is bouncing around the corner to tell me car won't unlock.
Checking the key to see if she had the right one.
These videos are some of my favorite. In the first one she had just discovered the berries from our holly trees and she was amassing a little collecting on the sidewalk. Note how she can count all the way to one :-) She actually usually goes "one, eight, nine", which is an improvement from just "eight, nine".  Now if only we could get a "two" to follow that "one"

The best part about this 2nd video is the shrug. Cutest shrug ever. 
Also note, later on, how diligently she searches for the keys (don't worry, they weren't actually lost, I could see them the whole time).


Beth Anne said...

that shrug is adorable!

aestivasomniare said...

Oh goodness, so much cuteness! Love it!