Not the Zoo...but just as free!

Thanks to our zoo membership (have I mentioned how much I love our membership already?) this past week we were able to visit the Railroad Museum with some friends for free! 

They have tons of full size trains from every era, but the kids favorite train was the toy one like the kind that you can find at the mall.  You know the ones: put a quarter in and it rocks back and forth and such?   Yup, that one was a hit!

The museum is all in this large roundhouse, so there is lots of space to just roam around.  Space which the three walking kiddos in our party definitely took advantage of.  Here is Papillon having fun holding hands with one friend.

And the Dynamic Trio, holding hands and pushing strollers and all!

This engine was playing some rather loud train-noises which I thought Papillon would not like.  Turns out she was very intrigued, and now officially makes train noises. She even has a special train-hand-motion to go with them.

We rode the small merry go round that was there. It was Papillon's first experience with a merry go round and I thought the smallness of this particular one would be a good way to start.  But, as physics would have it, the smaller the circle on a merry go round, the more you feel the movement and the easier it is to get dizzy. Yikes - that was quite a ride!    I was glad I just had the one kiddo to hold on to...

We ended our tour in the kids zone which is full of every kind of train related toy you can imagine.  Toy train tracks, train legos, train puzzles, train word games, train books, etc.    This was a lot of fun, even for the non-walkers in the group.

Papillon has been making train noises ever since our visit...its precious!


Eliz. K said...

I LOVE that place! Poppop took us there a bunch when we were little :-D Glad you guys had fun! Hooray for train noises!

Adrian and Meredith said...

Omygoodness, would Lyndon love that place! He is currently absolutely obsessed with trains. He got some Thomas for Christmas, and he never plays with anything else!