Papillon the Bunny

 Easter may still be more than a month away, but Papillon is ready!
 We found these adorable ears while at the dollar store with my mom.

 Papillon thought they were cool and Nana couldn't resist buying them so that we extend the cuteness.

This is actually Papillon's climbing-the-step-stool-is-hard-work face, but I think it makes her look some how more rabbit-like. 
Side note: not all random dollar store purchases are entirely frivolous. Thanks to these ears, Papillion has learned to say both "bunny" and "rabbit" and we have added rabbits to the list of animals she recognizes easily. How educational!


Thomas said...

Glad I could help with her education!

Nana, M.Ed.

Lola Storm said...

SO darn cute! I especially love the "bunny face." Can't wait to see you all this summer!