Hat and Nesting vis groceries

Papillon is more opinionated every day. Not in a bad way. She is just figuring out what she likes and what she doesn't like.  She is very good at telling me what she wants for breakfast - be it cheerios, a banana, an orange, some yogurt (which she calls applesauce...), etc. 

On one morning recently, she found her winter hat and insisted I put it on as soon as she woke up.  Then she insisted on keeping it on all morning...

We had some grocery shopping to do, so off we went, winter cap and all!
We got lots of comments about its adorableness. Papillon just took them all very matter-of-fact-ly as though it was just a normal part of her outfit. 

Side note about that grocery shopping trip. I haven't been very inspired by grocery shopping of late; so it has become a thing we do of necessity rather than one of my favorite hobbies. Then, suddenly, there was a good sale. Combine that with some hard-core nesting urges, and we went a little overboard in the grocery department.

Thank heavens for a husband who forgives me for occasionally spending an entire months grocery budget in one trip (after I had already spent that months grocery budget...oops!) and thank heavens for the chest freezer we recently acquired on long-term loan from some friends. Said freezer is now mostly full with all kinds of things. From cheese to butter to a whole ham to at least 6 fully-prepped-ready-to-go meals.   Yay for nesting via grocery shopping. I feel at least 20 times more prepared for Baby #2s arrival with a freezer and pantry full of food!

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