5 Years Later...another Wedding!

This year's anniversary trip had to be post poned, for a good reason.  A very good friend was getting married that weekend!  I was privileged to be the Maid of Honor, so we got to take part in all the wedding festivities. 

Papillon stayed home, but Hibou came along to enjoy the ride.

Chillin' with the bride before the rehearsal.

Hibou overseeing the rehearsal.

Since we were in town for the weekend, and since it was our anniversary, we decided to upgrade ourselves from the suuuuper sketchy nearby motel, or the slightly more expensive (but amazingly, not much more) B&B.  Victorian style!   Hibou tested out the comfy bed.

Victorian style is not our style, but I enjoyed it none the less. Check out the triple layer shower curtain and the carpeted floor!  Sooo much stuff!

The day of the wedding, it was time to get our hair done.  The stylist had 3 little dachshunds to entertain us while we got our hair done.

Dressed and ready for pictures!

And then there is a huge gap in my pictures cause obviosuly I wasn't carrying a camera while standing in the ceremony.   Just one little story from the ceremony. It was raining slightly, but we decided to go ahead with the outdoor ceremony, but we knew the key was to move fast.  I was supposed to come out from the house at the top of the hill and signal the pastor when we were ready.  And so I did. I stood at the top of the hill, waved at the pastor and gave him a thumbs up.  He waved back....and did nothing.  A moment later, I waved again and gave him a thumbs up.  Again, he waved back with a look on his face like as though he was enjoying how nice I was being. He gave no indication of recognizing the sign. 

I don't know how long we stood there. But it felt like for.ev.er.  I am still not sure, but the poor bride kept getting more and more nervous as the people at the bottom of the hill stalled.   Eventually things got underway. And the ceremony went very smoothly; the rain even cleared up very nicely! 

Hibou was a champion through this whole thing.  She fell sound asleep at the beginning of the reception and just hung out in her carseat.

Happy Day-After-Our-5th-Anniversary to us!

Yay - celebrating with the bride!

Father-daughter dance.

Cake cutting! She made her own cake and it looked very lovely!

And just to wrap up the weekend, a picture of the spring-fed lake that was in front of our B&B. So lovely.
It was a lovely way to spend our anniversary weekend! 
Congrats to the newlyweds!

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