Big City Adventure

Just before Mon Amour's most recent trip ( a month ago now) we decided to set off on a little outing in this Big City that we call home.  It was raining a bit (more accurately: pouring down rain on and off) but we didn't let that stop us. 

We found a convenient parking spot right in front of the restaurant where we intended to end our adventure, and popped across the street to catch the free-bus to our first destination.   We had to wait 17 minutes for our bus (the nifty bus stop sign gives you minute by minute updates) and we would have just walked it, except, like I mentioned, we would have gotten decently wet.  Instead we took a few photos.

Note the "rain hats" for both the girls.

Possibly Papillon's favorite part of the trip - riding the bus. Don't be fooled by her terrified expression. She loved it. Just yesterday as we were driving home in our own car, we saw a bus, she enthusiastically called out "Want to ride the bus! Ride the bus with daddy!".  She also instructed me to "stop. get out (of) our car. ride bus" and was very upset when I told her we couldn't.
The main reason for our outing was a huge art-street-festival complete with music, local artist vendors, and good old street-vendor-food.  But, it was still raining, so the camera stayed safely dry inside my bag. No pictures. 

Another bus ride brought us back to our restaurant of choice.  We walked into this cute little restaurant just in time for the rain to stop and for the evening to become absolutely perfect for walking around outside. What terrible timing. 

It's ok though, dinner was delicious!  Papillon enjoyed the "dips" and "chips" that they brought out to get us started.

Hibou enjoyed her fingers (I don't know why this picture is sideways...)

The food was excellent.  I thought that Papillon could share mine, but it was MUCH spicier than I thought it would be. Which meant that I loved it - and Papillon supplemented her meal with some crackers that I had brought.

We splurged on dessert. Tragically they were all out of the traditional "Gulab Jamun" that we really wanted to try. So we opted for the "Mango Kulfi" which is traditional Indian, unchurned ice cream.  The presentation was lovely, and the flavor fantastic.  The texture....iffy.  I guess I prefer my ice cream churned and creamy!

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