Crazy Fun Weekend!

While Mon Amour was away most recently, we spent one weekend with some good friends. They have two boys that almost line up with our two girls in age - so there was a friend for everyone.

Hibou and her little buddy who 3 months older, and much much more active!
Papillon and her little buddy.  6 months older.  

Reading their Bible Story Books together.

Hibou, about to get trampled by cuteness

The main aim of our weekend together (or at least the excuse we used to get together) was to attend an event in DC that was intended to raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding.   So, on Saturday, after packing up the 4 kiddos, we found ourselves here...

...on the Capital Lawn. 

It was a bit hot that day.  Note Hibou's lethargic over-heated face. So cute...and pathetic.  
It was a bit hot that day. Note Hibou's lethargic, over-heated face. So cute...and adorably pathetic.

All the heat and excitement made us all a bit sleepy!

Gotta stay hydrated!

These two were hilarious! They started singing the alphabet song together; Papillon is not as accurate with the song as her friend is, so she would mess up, he would laugh, she would laugh, and they would both just explode into hysterics. They never really got further than the letter G.

Eventually they would just look at each other and laugh.  This went on all day...nay, all weekend long!

Just chillin in the stroller.

Enjoying one of the best parts of DC...the lightposts!

Totally zonked!
I would call this a pretty impressive group photo considering its of two toddlers and two babies!

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Thomas said...

Love that picture of the four of them - so precious!