Duck Ponds - Again! This time with more mosquitos

It's been a while since we've been to the duck ponds. But you can't keep us away forever.  We recently met a friend there for a little picnic dinner. The weather was perfect - we all got at least a couple dozen mosquito bites, but other than that it was lovely.

Before dinner began, we had to give the ducks (and fish) some bread.

Papillon got quite good at throwing the bread into the water (previously she had left that up to an adult)

There were tons of fish and ducks this time!

Between bites of dinner, Papillon and her friend ran around in circles. Actually, to put it more correctly, Papillon's friend ran around in circles incessantly and his poor mother had to chase him constantly.  Papillon did a tiny bit of running around, but mostly eyed her energetic friend with a cautious suspicion.  Next time we get together with this friend, we will aim for some place with more fences and less roadways and ponds.  Haha.

But, as always, it was a lovely time at the Duck Ponds.

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