A Couple Sweet Stories

There are no pictures to go with these. But they are too sweet not to record. 

Story #1:  Papillon teaches Hibou how to pray

One day, while Hibou is sitting in my lap, contentedly watching Papillon play, Papillon walks over,  gives her a very affectionate smile and says, in her best baby-voice, "Baby, pray?? Ok."
Then she gently takes Hibou's hands and puts them together for her and proceeds to instruct her on how to pray by saying "Say, 'Dear Jesus loves me'"  
Papillon concludes the lesson on prayer by saying "Yes, Hibou pray"

She repeated this exercise 3 or 4 times with Hibou. And Hibou just smiled and giggled through it all.

Story #2: Papillon's First Thought in the Morning

Some of my favorite moments these days are those moments when Papillon first wakes up. She always manages to say something entertaining when she first gets up.  Standard wake-up-comments involve breakfast, or her stuffed animals.  Just this morning, the very first thing she said when I opened her door was "Mommy, I need go swimming today".  Very seriously. It was hilarious.  But, sweetest moment to date was this one. 

Hibou happened to wake up before Papillon on this day, and she was playing on her playmat while I checked my email. Hibou starts fussing a little bit, and I opted to finish an email before I went to pick her up.  Papillon, from her room adjacent to the living room, hears Hibou crying and gets out of bed. 
 I hear Papillon's little voice whisper something through the door. It didn't sound like the "Mommy, I awake" statement that she usually calls for me with.  I go over, open the door, and am greeted by a very concern Papillon who repeats "Mommy, Hibou need her dollie". 
In Papillon's hand was Hibou's Dollie.  Papillon pushes me out of the way and quickly gives the doll to Hibou. 

Best part: Hibou bursts into smiles. Apparently Hibou really did need her dollie.

Story #3: That is more funny than it is sweet. 
Dedicated to Grandpa and Entrepreneurial Spirit he is instilling in Papillon.

Papillon has grown increasingly fond of her doll. She takes care of it all the time. She holds it like I hold Hibou.  She changes it's diaper.  She straightens it's dress. She sings to it. She asks it "why cry?" very sweetly. It's adorable. 
One day, she had been taking very good care of Baby Doll (who is nameless) and was showing Baby Doll how her new riding toy works.  She climbs aboard the toy, gently puts Baby Doll in front of her, being careful to support her head and everything, and instructs Baby Doll to "hold on". 
Just then, she glances at the floor where she spots a quarter. 
"OH! MONEY!" Papillon exclaims as she grabs baby doll by the head and flings her fiercely to the floor. 

Baby Doll sustained no permanent injuries. 
And Papillon is now 25 cents richer. 

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Lola Storm said...

HA! Em, these are priceless! Love it.