Sweet Girls

Forgive the sideways pictures, but I am too lazy to rotate them and re-upload them. 

These are just some random tidbits about my sweet girls. 

Recently the girls and I were at the mall with my parents for some work-related shopping, and while mom and Hibou and I took care of work stuff, Grandpa took Papillon to the Claires to shop browse the shiny jewelry. Papillon loved everything there, and Grandpa graciously offered to buy her something.

Papillon very sweetly replied "Uhh, no. no buy"  And she meant it; she really didn't want to buy anything. Browsing was fun enough.

On the Hibou front, it looks like we have another thumb sucker. She discovered her thumb on July 8th - yes, it was that precise. One day she didn't seem coordinated at all, the next day, the thumb was in and out and in and out, and she loved it!

I wish I could find the picture of Papillon in the "monkey princess" towel, but it alludes me at the moment.  After wrapping Hibou up like this, I told Papillon "Doesn't Hibou look like a princess?"  Papillon agreed, and now every time either one of them is wrapped in a towel she says "She like a princess!"

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