Assorted Adventures

Just a smattering of photos and videos that don't belong with much else. 

This was the day that I learned that Hibou is ready to start going to bed before Papillon, not after. I had laid Hibou down in her crib while I went to tuck Papillon into bed.  I came back to find this adorable sleeping baby. She wouldn't even wake up for a snack. 

Papillon putting one of her own diapers on Baby Doll.

Fun times on the play mat!

We had a little girls' night recently with just a couple friends. And true to form, Papillon latched onto one friend and kept insisting that that friend read her books and play games with her. If ever you have been to my house you have seen this happen! Whomever Papillon decides to play with does not ever return to the adult conversation.

Hibou put herself to sleep in the bouncy seat during Girls' Night.

And the next day, Papillon put herself to sleep there.  It was only 10:30am! And Papillon proceeded to sleep for 2 hours. Must have been some girls' night! haha.

Skyping with Auntie Mimi's friend. Papillon was very shy until Mimi's friend started making a stuffed cow appear randomly on different sides of the screen, and also IMing a little squirrel icon. They are now skype-best-friends!

Grandpa is surprisingly good with the play-doh.

They made some "modern art" together.

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