4th of July

Our power was still out, Mon Amour was still out of town. So what did we do for the 4th of July? Spend it with my parents, obviously.  Enjoy this random smattering of photos from that day. 

Hibou, discovering the comfy-ness of the new couch (covered by a sheet cause to keep it safe from lounging dogs)(also, note that this was before she was rolling over, and we were watching her. It was not as reckless a napping position as it looks)

We found a baby bird that had fallen from its nest into the pool. We "rescued" it and Papillon was very fascinated. The next day she very accurately related the details of this encounter, saying things like "baby bird fall in pool",  "bird cute",  "bird (mimick baby bird opening its mouth hoping for food)".

Again...napping. I really need to buy a couch like this cause apparently it is way more comfortable than either our couch or her crib.

Laughing at Uncle E. He's pretty hilarious.

Patriotic attire!


We ventured out into the heat to watch the local 4th of July Parade.  Ice cream, of course, was a must.
Milk shakes for Papillon and Aunt M.

Nothing for Hibou, poor kid. Next year she'll join in the ice cream fun I am sure!

Papillon and I got to sit right on the curb and watch the parade go by. She loved it! The horns on the firetrucks were too loud for her, but the drums in the marching bands she loved.  One part of the parade involved a lot of dogs, and one dog was wearing a tutu.  The poor thing was hot and tired of walking so sat down right in front of us. Papillon thought it was very cute and talked about the "doggie wear a dress!" for a long time.

Heading back to the car.
And, because we are crazy, we did stay up until the fireworks show. My mom and I and the girls watched it from a little ways away so it wasn't as loud as it could have been. Papillon enjoyed the first couple minutes of the show, but then apparently it got too repetitive for her and she said she was ready to go home.

All in all, though, a fantastic 4th!

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