An Elmo Party

A couple weeks ago, Papillon was invited to celebrate a friend's 2nd Birthday.  And we love a good party, so how could we say no.  Despite the ridiculously hot temperatures, and the fact that Papillon was just barely 2-days potty trained at the time, we ventured forth! 

Juice boxes, and the presence of one of Papillon's favorite friends guarantees a fun time!

And of course, the Elmo hats were a ton of fun.  (Every kid decorated a hat, but Papillon was  the only kid to actually wear it...she's that dedicated to Elmo!)

Who needs a playground when there is a bike rack to play on...and its in the shade!

The party included "Story time with the Professor" (the birthday boy's dad is a professor and he read a few books to the kids)

Hibou enjoyed the party so much...she fell asleep!  (she's on the corner of the blanket below) Or maybe it was the heat more than the party that put her to sleep...

The Birthday Boy! Ready for cake!

Still sporting the hat, and asking for cake.


Hibou: still sleeping.  Note the bug bite on her right knee. This poor kiddo gets more bug bites that you can imagine. But she's pretty chill about it.

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