When Mon Amour is gone on a trip (as he has been for much of the past month) we like to fill our days with a plethora of fun adventures.   The adventure that kicked off his most recent trip took the form of Antiquing with Aunt Mimi and Great-Nannie. 

This place is amazing! Check out the insanely huge wardrobe.

Amazing chairs that I really really wanted to buy.  Sadly, no space for them, and no money for them. So I took a picture instead.

More amazing furniture!

Testing our some furniture with Great-Nannie.

A really really old iron of sorts. Back when you had to iron your sheets....crazy!

After melting just a little bit (it was in the upper 90s and our destination was not air conditioned), and melting down (Papillon melted down...Hibou just fell asleep) we headed back to Great Nannie's for some more, cooler, fun times. 

Papillon made friends with Great-Nannie's cat.

And played with some of the toys that my siblings and cousins and I played with when we were younger.  Memories may toys just that much cooler. Aunt Mimi and I had fun recalling the fun adventures we would imagine with this particular castle...particularly its trapdoor!

Watching out the window, looking for birds.

Reading books with Great-Nannie.

And a few pictures of Hibou just to prove she was with us too.  (She slept alot due to the heat, so she didn't make it into many pictures)
Sweet face.


And of course we had to take a moment to freshen up our manicure

Smiling at Great-Nannie. Hibou is such a charmer!

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