Toddler Camp

After the wedding, summer just kept rolling along in super-hide-speed-gear.  That following week was "Toddler Camp" at our church.  It was basically Vacation Bible School for 2-4 year olds.  So every morning I dropped Papillon off for 3 hours of fun. 

This allowed me to have a little Hibou-only time in the morning, and a few playdates with friends. 

Our first play date was with a little girl exactly 3 months younger than Hibou.

Best buds already!

Our next playdate was with this little guy (14 months) and his mom. Who doesn't like a little sugary Starbucks drink.


Meanwhile, at camp, Papillon was busy making crafts and having a lovely time. 
She was only sad when I was there - cried when I left, clung to me when I returned. But when she couldn't see me, she loved it.

One more play date!  This fun loving little girl is just 6 weeks older than Hibou.

Yummy lunch to wrap camp.

Overall, Toddler Camp was very exciting and exhausting for Papillon.  It was slightly chaotic I believe (there were almost 40 toddlers at the camp).  But, at the end of the week, Papillon came home telling me things like "Jesus strong".  "Jesus no sleep".  And she now goes around the house singing "My God is So Great" and "Jesus loves me".     For 5 days of VBS for a 2 year old, I call that a success.