Berry Picking

Another adventure with which we filled out time during Mon Amour's last trip was a little outing to go Berry (and Peach) picking.  Again, it was brutally hot, but we didn't let that wilt our enthusiasm.

Though, once again, Hibou took her cue from the heat to just chill, and move as little as possible.

First stop - blackberries.  Note to self: Picking blackberries is messy business. Next time, wear clothes that can be ruined. This poor shirt will never be fully pink again. Oh well.

Papillon and her friend had a lot of fun picking berries. Eating a good 2/3 of what they picked.
Papillon wouldn't let me put any berries in my box, they all had to go into her bucket. Which I figured was fine since there was no way she would eat an entire bucketful. I filled the bucket a solid 50% full, and Papillon made her self comfortable on the blanket to snack.  I was right, she didn't eat the entire bucketful....she just dumped the remainder on the ground when she was done snacking.  Alas.

After we got our juicey fill of blackberries, we headed to the peach orchards. We were debating whether or not we had the energy for more fruit picking, but when we saw how tasty the peaches looked, we couldn't resist.  Luckily, when the peaches weigh at least half a pound a piece, and you have 3 adults and 2 toddlers picking them, it doesn't take long to fill up a 1/2 bushel. (35lbs of peaches - yikes!)
Papillon reaching for the prettiest looking peach.

Papillon's friend showing off her gigantic peach.

Papillon's little friend (who she has a baby-crush on!) biting into a juicy one!

This little friend just recently started exploring "solid foods".  She was definitely a fan of the peach!

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Adrian and Meredith said...

Is that a Fuzzibunz diaper I see in that last picture? :-) It looks familiar.