Pool Time

Have a mentioned enough yet that it has been a hot summer? A hot summer means lots of time spent in the water, especially when a weather system that was officially deemed a "land hurricane" strikes and knocks your power out for 5 days.  Hello pool time. 

This was our first time breaking out the Crab Pool this year. You may remember it from last year.  Oh the difference a year makes (though, note how I was really behind on blogging even then. I should just accept that it is the new norm to blog a month behind).  A year seems to also make for a hole in the crab pool, so it goes flat pretty quickly. Alas.  But, seize the moment and enjoy the fun!

Papillon dared the crab to a staring contest. Cross-Eyed style! It was close, but the crab won.

Laughing hilariously as she dumped water on Aunt M.

Just barely big enough for the two of them! (We may need a bigger kiddie pool next year...)
Hibou just stuck her toes in, but she loves anything to do with water, so she was a happy lady.

Me and my matching-swimsuit-ed girls!

Side note: Toasty hot heat and humidity make for really long baby naps.

While our power was out, we trekked down to stay at my parents house.  They had both Air Conditioning and a Kiddie Pool plus a Full Size Pool to offer. We couldn't resist.
Papillon loved to "lay back" in her inner tube, and very much enjoyed being pushed around the perimeter of the pool. She was a little wary of getting out of the inner tube, but we worked on it some, and hopefully by the end of the summer she will be much more confident in the pool!
Hibou love love loves the water.  If she had the gross motor skills to coordinate those hand movements, I am pretty sure she would have taken off swimming on her own. She is definitely a water baby.

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Beth Anne said...

I love their matching swimsuits!