Because my parents own the most wonderful bread store around, and because they are fantastically generous and I see them quite often, my house is (almost) always full of bread. On occasion we have run low, but for the most part, Mon Amour and I have a hard time eating all the bread we receive before it goes stale and moldy.

Some times we give it away to friends if we know right away that we will not be able to eat it all.
Sometimes we just eat bread like our lives depend upon it in order to get through it all in time.
Sometimes we end up throwing it away.

And then I discovered how easy (and yummy) it is to make homemade croutons.
Here's how easy it is:

Take left over bread; stale is fine, but the goal would be to make croutons before the bread gets to the moldy point.

This particular variety is my favorite, White Bread (the best in the world).

Cut the bread into small communion bread...I mean, like croutons.
This requires a bread the one in the picture...let's take a closer look at that fancy bread knife handle.....

A very nice bread knife handle if I do say so myself.
(Shameless plug of the best bread store ever!)

Anyway, at this point you will want to toss the bread crumbs in a bowl with a small amount of olive oil and some garlic, or other seasonings that you like.

Then spread on a baking sheet.
Bake at about 350 for 15 or so minutes. Until crouton-crunchy.

And Voila! Yummy croutons. And no wasted bread.

Ironically, at the time that I made these we had no salad material...nothing at all with which to make salad.
It worked out ok though, we thought they were so yummy we just snacked on them, and they didn't last long.

For more detailed / clearer recipe instructions visit The Frugal Girl

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Thomas said...

You're so amazing! Thanks for the words of encouragement....glad you enjoy the bread!