Duck Pond Lunch

A couple weeks ago, Papillon and I went on a lunch date with a friend from our church. Upon her suggestions, we visited this neighborhood where they have these really fancy duck ponds smack in the middle of the neighborhood in this well manicured common area.

Previous to this outing, I took those utilitarian looking drainage pond things to be duck ponds. My opinion has changed. There is a drastic difference between a runoff/drainage pond, and an actual duck pond. Now I know.

Just for fun, we will start with a side note: My friend it seems is a great photographer. Every picture she took of Papillon on this outing was so lovely.

Back to the story...there we were...looking cute at the duck pond.

Eating lunch and checking out the ducks and the fish.

Clearly Papillon was enjoying herself.

It rained very lightly while we were there, but that did not detract from the fun.

We will definitely be going back to these duck ponds again some day - hopefully some day soon!

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