Hon Fest

Beehive hair, pink flamingos and cat-eyed glasses.
Really not our thing.
But, its a big deal where we live, so we knew we would have to go to the Hon-Fest at least once while we lived here, might as well do it now.

So, Mon Amour, his sister, Papillon and myself headed off for a fun adventure!

We saw a bit of the Little-Miss-Hon competition. Ahh, the feather boas.

Like any good street festival there was yummy food:

Lots of BBQ.

And live music, performed by....an alumni of our college!

Yup, we knew the band before they "made it big". Crazy.

Papillon took in all the sights from her stroller, while eating her lunch on the go.

It was a little warm that day, so we didn't stay long. But I think we enjoyed ourselves, it's not going to go on a list of things-we-must-do-annually; but when it comes around next year, if we have nothing to do we would not be opposed to going again.

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