Memorial Day Weekend

Yes, I am that far behind in blogging. Sorry. Posts will be more punctual eventually.

Our Memorial Day Weekend was lovely. On Sunday we had a picnic with my parents.
Papillon was, of course, delighted to play with my parents dog....

...and visiting with her great grandparents. well as my cousins....

...and grandpa.

It was a lovely time with almost all of my side of the family (just missing two siblings and a sibling-inlaw), the weather was lovely, the food delicious, and Papillon's outfit patriotic!

Memorial day itself was less relaxing, but still just as fun. Mon Amour's parents came up and helped us with some yard work. Despite the near-100 degree weather, we got a lot done and no one passed out. Afterwards we chilled inside and had some tasty lunch.

Note how Papillon's outfit today is also nice and patriotic:

Its a size 3-6 months. But since its a two-piece outfit, and since Papillon only outgrows things length-wise, it still fits.

By the end of the weekend, Papillon just wanted to know if she was going to see her Auntie from across the ocean. See how she is pointing to a picture of her:
Perhaps Papillon will have to Skype call her Auntie very soon.
(And of course, we would have loved to see the rest of the family as well...just so happens that Papillon pointed to this photo when I was taking her picture!)

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