Birthday Fun

Now that my birthday is many weeks past, I will give you the quick version of the day.

We headed down to visit with my parents, and, it being a Saturday, we met them at the Farmer's Market where they sell stuff from their bakery.

There Papillon got a little training session on how to use a calculator:See that sparkle in her eye? We may have a math major on our hands.

Mon Amour and I left Papillon with my parents and headed out for a Birthday Dinner at Red Lobster.
Mon Amour had a tasty seafood combo plate of some kind.

I had yummy shrimp.

The best part though, was clearly the biscuits.

Or possibly the best part was when a police officer came into the restaurant and very seriously addressed the little old lady sitting behind us. Seriously, from the way he talked to her at first, you would have thought he was going to arrest her! Oh the excitement. Turns out she had hit the car next to her when parking and didn't notice it (perhaps she shouldn't be driving any more...) and the owners of the other car, when seeing the damage, had called the cops.

Anyway, after our meal we went back to my parents to get Papillon and also to eat some tasty birthday cake.

During which time, Papillon amused her self by pulling clumps of hair off of my parents dog (who is shedding quite a bit at the moment), and handing them to someone.

She though it was the most fun game ever!

In summary, it was a very nice, fun and relaxing day!

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Adrian and Meredith said...

Yeah, pretty much the only reason I go to Red Lobster is for the biscuits. I'm just sayin'.