Picnic with the ducks

Recently, Papillon and I headed back to the duck ponds for a picnic with another friend.
It was a lovely, fairly warm day. The ducks were out in force, and I am pretty sure some of the female ducks in this picture are "babies". They looked full grown, but were definitely following a slightly larger female duck around like they were babies.

The fish also made a good showing this time. And they are HUGE. The ones in this particular pond had to be at least 2 feet long and probably as thick around as Papillon.

Papillon enjoyed a yummy snack:
Actually, she at peas and beans. I ate the Gushers. Oh the deliciousness of supersweet kids snacks!

Papillon's little friend chowed down on some watermelon. This kid loves his watermelon!

He does not love his sunglasses however, so he let Papillon borrow them. She was also not a fan, but looked super cute in them.

Papillon's friend is a couple weeks younger than she, but is totally a walking machine! And by walking, I mean running. He is very fast and very sturdy with his walking. Papillon just sat on the picnic blanket and watched him curiously.

The only way to get him to sit, was feed him some watermelon. Yum!

We very much enjoyed our second duck pond outing and totally plan on doing it at least a couple more times this year!

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