Garden and Wildlife

I have to say, I have been pretty pleased with our garden results so far this year. Definitely some things that I need to do different next year (like plant the carrots further apart so I don't have to thin them to the point where we only have 5 left. haha) But over all, for planting kind of willy-nilly, its been very successful.

I recently picked some peas:

Which Mon Amour shelled for me. It takes a surprising number of pea pods to get a decent number of peas. We have just learned that you can actually eat the pods as well, who knew. So perhaps we will try that next time cause otherwise I don't think that our plants will yield enough peas to satisfy anyone.

Our cherry tomato plant which lives on our porch is also doing great. Lots of green tomatoes and about 4 or 5 have turned red and been eaten so far.

And, on a sort of garden related note, I spotted this little creature in our front flower bed the other day. Isn't it cute? There is nothing to give it scale in the picture (sorry about that) but trust me, it was tiny.
And adorable.

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