A Fun Aunt Visit

On her way to her summer job, Mon Amour's sister spend a weekend with us; while she was here we had a lot of fun adventures.

There was a lot of just plain hanging out with Papillon

Which is always fun.

We also went on a driving tour. It seems that Mon Amour's grandmother grew up in our fine city. And thanks to our recent visit to Granddad, we knew what street she lived on.
On the way there, we encountered the most ridiculous intersection you have ever seen. Yikes! We wanted to go straight-left; not straight-right, and not left-left.

We don't know exactly which house it was, but it was one of about 8 houses on this little street, and it was fun to get an idea of where she lived.

Papillon enjoyed having me ride in the back with her, and made fun noises along the way.

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