Shopping Spree

I know I haven't ever concluded my Wardrobe Adventure. There is a reason for that. It's complicated. Turns out some of the coins that I had from tips are worth more than their face value (old dollar coins, 50 cent coins, etc). So, we don't want to just take them to the bank and only get face value; but we haven't gotten around to trying to sell them. So its sort of like we dont have that money right now. Consequently, my wardrobe adventure kind of fizzled out.

Oh well. I really like the clothes I did get. It was fun while it lasted.

Recently thought, I have slumped back into the too-cheap-to-buy anything phase, which is good in the short term. But in the long run, when we actually really need something, I have found myself spending too much. When, if I had bought it before we really needed it, but when it was on sale, my long term budget would be happier.

Well, for some reason, a couple weekends ago, I totally embraced the "buy it while its a good price even if you don't need it yet" mentality. I had a 30% off coupon for my favorite clothes store, and we went on a bit of a spree. This is what we got:

2 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans and 1 awesome skirt for me.
2 shirts, a pair of shoes and 2 pairs of shorts for Mon Amour.
A plethora of baby clothes, mostly to be saved for gifts as needed.
And, not pictured, some underwear and one gift-item that could not be picture cause the recipient reads the blog... Total Number of Items: 24 Total Cost: $154 Plus, I got $20 off my next purchase. Which I used a couple days later to get myself a pair of capris. It was a lot of money for one trip. But we got a lot of things that we needed, or would need soon. And almost everything was clearance + 30% off. So I call it a pretty sweet deal.

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Beth Anne said...

whew I hear you...if I spend more than $20 at one time I have a minor heart attack because I'm so used to getting things for practically nothing. But a good deal/sale does not always mean free or nearly free, especially if its something you need! Its way easier for me to embrace this for clothing for Martin than for myself though...