Fun with Friends

So I know that kids don't learn to actually play with each other until they are a little older, but Papillon really does enjoy spending time with other little people.

We recently had a little play date with a friend, and Papillon had a great time:

Her friend got to have a little taste of an apple cider popsicle.

Clearly, not a fan. Haha.

Despite this sour face, she actually kept reaching for more. Silly kid. Perhaps she thought it was an acquired taste and was mustering through.

I like the following two pictures cause it makes Papillon and her friend look very in sync with each other.
It makes me smile.

Here they are, sharing (sort of)

Papillon has had fun times with some other children recently as well. We met a little girl who was probably three, at the library and they handed toys to one another for quite some time. The little girl loved Papillon's scrunch-faced-smile, and Papillon loved it when the girl would hand her a new toy.

We also ran into a little boy at a park recently. He was about 2, and intrigued by Papillon. He kept calling her a "very little Cody" (Cody was his name), meaning she was a baby. It was cute, and Papillon loved the attention.

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