11 Months

Yesterday, Papillon turned 11 months old.

Here she is with Snoopy. She may or may not be much bigger than last month. This kids metabolism is incredible. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that by her 1 year check up she weights 18lbs 6 oz. That will be double her birth weight...most kids do that in a couple months. If Papillon does it in a year, I will be pleased. Not complaining though, I love my little pipsqueak.

At 11 months, Papillon....

....goes to be between 7 and 8pm and gets gets up between 6 and 7am.

....takes 2 naps a day. Usually 1.5 - 2 hours long. Once in a blue moon we get a 3-hour nap, which is insanity!

...now goes roughly 3 hours between naps. It used to be consistently 2 hours of awake time before a nap was needed. But pretty much over night, about a week ago, she started doing 3 hours of playing before seeming even the least bit tired.

.....is able to push through and skip naps at times. Naps, even if it was just a short one, used to be essential. If a nap didn't happen after 2 hours of playing, it was bad. But now, if we are some place fun (aka not at home) she is totally cool skipping a nap and going 5+ hours before crashing.

....loves cheerios. She eats them by the fistful.

....she eats 3 huge meals a day. Her favorite foods are chicken, peas, pinto beans, bananas and cheerios. Oh, and cheese. She still loves cheese.

....nurses 4-5 times a day. Nursings were getting shorter and shorter, then suddenly she started growing teeth again. Now she loves to nurse. She nursed for a solid 30 minutes the other morning. She hasn't done that in months.

.....has figured out her sippy cup, and now loves to drink water. She also recently learned to drink from a straw. The straw experience is a story in and of itself. Stay tuned for that post later.

....is growing 4 new teeth! On the top. We thought she had given up on teeth, that 2 was enough for her. But, at last, more teeth! You can only see them if you are really really looking for them. But they are coming in! And they are making her crabby! We busted out the baby tylenol for the 2nd time in her life yesterday. It helped a lot!

....walks while holding on to her walking-toys. Pulls her self up. And is desperately trying to stand without support. It won't be long. She can roll over (as evidenced by the fact that she prefers to sleep on her stomach) but, generally chooses not to. In fact, laying her on her back is the best way to keep her from escaping, she will lay there and fuss for a long time before trying to roll over. Silly kid.

.....does a lot of verbalizing. Lots and lots of different sounds. "Ooooos" and "Dadadadas" and "Nyah nyah nyahs". Once or twice she has seemed to actually say something (We greet Marge with a "Hi" every morning and I swear she said "Hi" before I did one morning. It hasn't been repeated), but nothing that we are counting as her first word yet.

....signs "more". It doesn't look like the sign, but she knows what she means and so do we. So it's officially her first sign cause she definitely knows how to ask us for more food. We are also teaching her the sign for "no". And when I tell her not to touch something (aka the dog food), I sign "no" at it, and Papillon will some times mimick the hand motion. I think her baby-sign vocabulary is going to take off in the next month.

....is pretty much the best baby ever. Seriously. I am biased, I know. But does a baby get any easier than Papillon? The other day I went to trim her finger nails, and while it is usually an ordeal cause she likes to clench her hands into fists, this time she literally held her fingers out to me like you would if you were getting a manicure. It was amazing. She was like "Oh, yes, they could use a bit of a trim." That said...

....she does have more opinions these days though. She has an angry cry. It usually happens when I tell her not to eat the dog's food. She will throw a tiny temper tantrum (we are talking super-tiny) until I distract her sufficiently. She was also not happy that I was trying to get the perfect shot of her and Snoopy... (and yes, its tough without sound to differentiate between her sad face and her scrunch faced smile)

but that is because she is 11 months, and wanted to be crawling and playing and learning! Not posing for a photo shoot!


Beth Anne said...

Such a big girl!

Thomas said...

Can't wait to come home and give her a hug!