Visiting a Friend

One fine sunny Monday, Papillon and I headed out for a little road trip to visit one of my very good friends. It was high time that we visited her in her home town, cause in the 3 years she has been out of college, I think she has come to me dozens of times, and I have never gone to her. So off we went!

Wonderful little Papillon slept the whole way to her house, which is always a plus!

When we arrive in my friends little town, I was pleasantly surprised that it seemed like a super cool place! There is a college in the town, which always lends a degree of fun-ness. The college has a relatively new science building with a cool color-reflecting wall on it. Check it out:

All the tiles are the same, they just look different depending on how the sun hits them. It looks completely different depending on what time of day it is!

As part of our visit, we got to check out the really cool place where my friend works. It is basically a military museum/archive. My friend is an "archive specialist" (I think) which means she deals with original historic documents all day, things like Civil War Love Letters. Crazy!

At this "museum" they have a little trail where you can explore recreations of various key parts of the different wars that America has been involved in.

Here is Papillon and my friend checking out the supplies in this cabin from the...umm...I think it was the French and Indian war?? Maybe. I forget. History is not my strong suit.

Possibly the most fascinating display was the trenches from World War I. They were crazy! I can't imagine fighting a war that way (not that I can very accurately imagine fighting any war...but..); they must have been insane! You would feel so claustrophobic all the time. Shew. It was intense.

We ended our visit with some ice cream and a little exploration of down town.
It was such a fun time and Papillon and I were glad we finally got to make the trip!

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