Sleeping and Bathing

Some of the most fun times with Papillon are the normal every day kind of times.

Like bath time with crazy hair:

And of course there is nothing quite so much fun as sleeping:
Unless of course, its waking up. I absolutely love it when Papillon is standing up waiting for me to come get her in the morning. She is such fun when she wakes up!

This is my typical morning greeting. Not standing up, not fussing, just laying there, and then when she sees me she just explodes with excitement. It makes my day.

Occasionally, she will wake up just plain hungry. Those times looks something like this:

Adorable. But oh so sad.


Thomas said...

So great!

aestivasomniare said...

I LOVE that second picture of her in the tub. Too funny and adorable!!

Eliz. K said...

yes! that second bath photo is too funny!!! love them all!

Brianne and Tim said...

oh my. she's so cute in the second video when you walk in and she waves her arms around because she is so excited to see you.