The New Deck

Thanks to this years very pleasant tax refund (yay for buying a house and having a baby!) we have been able to do a couple projects around the house. The biggest project has been redoing the back deck.

One of the railings was loose, so we had that replaced. Then we had the whole thing sealed. I knew that sealing a porch was good for it, and something that should be done. But I didn't fully appreciate what it did for the deck until the first time that it rained after it was sealed.

Look at those sweet little beads of water!!
Water no longer soaks into the boards, it just puddles up on top. Which causes Marge to track a lot more water in the house, but also means the boards won't rot which is a total plus!

Stay tuned for more updates on the new deck, we are in the process of acquiring some fabulous new deck furniture!

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