A morning at the beach

The day after Papillon's first pool experience, we were invited to go to the beach for the morning with some friends. So we packed up our beach bag and headed off for a grand adventure!

First, Papillon and her friend sat and absorbed some Vitamin D.

Ahh, nothing like a day at the beach with your girlfriends!

Eventually, we donned the swimsuit. (this one matches her hat)
And braced for our first attempt sitting in the waves. Ready Papillon?

Not ready!

Actually, she really did like it. I just happened to take a picture of her surprised/unsure face. But she sat at the edge of the waves for a good while just enjoying the adventure.

Oh, and she also warmed up to the whole sand thing a smidgen. Previously she has freaked out when ever she gets the littlest bit of sand on her. This time she was fairly apathetic about it - not enthused, but not petrified.

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