Watching Chickens

Papillon and her Nannie and I recently decided to revisit the Llamas that we had met a few months ago. Last time it was very cold, this time it was rather toasty. And once again, we arrived just as they were closing for the day, so the llamas were already out in the field. But we were able to check out the chickens before they were put in their house for the night.

Papillon was a little groggy from the heat at first.

But she dutifully watched the chickens for a while.

And eventually we got a smile out of her.

The most adventurous part was watching the Keeper try and round up the two run-away chickens. There is a fence around the chicken yard, but two of the chickens have figured out that they can jump the fence, and so they do, every day. But when it comes time for dinner, the must be herded into the pen. Herding chickens is almost as bad as herding cats, but she managed to get them all in eventually!

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