How does the garden grow?

I am waaaay behind on posting. So much to post, so little time, so we are going to fly through the next bunch of you can expect two weeks of fairly brief, possibly picture heavy posts.

First, and update on the garden, in no particular order. (these pictures are probably a good 2 weeks old now....oops. haha).

Here is our raspberry plant.

It seems to have skipped the growing-in-size stage and gone right to making fruit. This seems odd to me, but we'll see how it turns out.

Our pepper plant.

We did not start this from a seed. So don't be impressed. So far, no flowers or peppers.

Our romaine:

Also not seed started. But it is growing well. Or rather 3 of the 4 plants are growing well, the 4th is just kind of staying the same size. I don't know why this is, so I tend to water it more than the other three, but it doesn't help. My only theory is that I am over compensating for is slow growth by watering it too much. Maybe I am drowning it.

This is brocoli, I think.
I have never grown broccoli and am excited to see if it turns out.

A tomato plant (not seed started)
Already blooming - yay!

Here is the garden as a whole.
The previous owners were intense gardeners which is why we have such a sweet garden area. I confess I did nothing with it last year. But being 7+ month pregnant during gardening season kind of killed my motivation. This year, I have no such excuse, hence, the plants.

Our pea plants:
These are growing like crazy! I am very excited about them.

We also have some bean plants (not growing much at all...weird) and some carrots (I failed and spacing the seeds properly, so we may end up with only 5 carrots once I finish thinning them out. Ooops. Oh well, its my first try at carrots).

Hopefully I will update again soon...since this update is already out of date :-)

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