Midwest 2011: Cuteness in Kansas and Riding a Horse

This post has no particular flow, just some cuteness and some horse riding from our vacation.

First, the cuteness. Check out the adorable shoes we found at a consignment store.

Just adorable.

Goofy grin.

Crawling away.

Mon Amour's Aunt is an animal lover and her particular favorite is her horse Starbuck.

Starbuck is a really nice horse. And quite smart. He roams the property all day, then, when he is hungry for dinner, he comes up to the house and stands by the back door. Literally, his face looks in through the window in the door. And he just stands there perfectly still until someone comes to give him dinner. Its kind of crazy.

Papillon got a chance to sit on Starbuck (her first official horseback ride). She had mixed emotions about the experience. She was kind of intrigued at first.

Perhaps a little reserved, but warming up to it. Then Starbuck swished his tail and that was the end of it. Papillon had a minor freak out and we crossed horseback riding off her list of fun things to do. Maybe when she is older she will like it more.

Papillion did like the other pet on the property, Packer, the very intelligent though some what strange looking (note the two different eyes) dog. Packer is not a baby-dog he is a little territorial. But Papillion loved him anyway and eventually her smiles wore him down and by the end I would say they were, if not best friends, definitely amicable.


Thomas said...

Love the hand picture!!!

Miriam Rachael said...

haha, i love the goofy grin picture.. she's like... i have a small body and a big head.. and a sippy cup... bwahahaha.

Ten Page said...

We went horseback riding once when I was about 6 and my sister was 4. Neither of us liked it. But my sister recently went horseback riding with some friends and enjoyed it so much she went again this past week. So Papillon should definitely consider trying again when she is older.