Midwest 2011: Prettiest spot in Kansas

I must confess that I am not a huge fan of Kansas (sorry for those of you who may be partial to it...) This was my second trip to Kansas, and since my last visit I may have slightly exaggerated the barrenness of Kansas...but only slightly. It's pretty barren.

Oh look, a farm house!
One of only a few signs of life on our drive from the top to the bottom of Kansas. We got a state road map while we were there, and on it there is a list of all of the "towns" in Kansas along with their official population....the vast majority have less than 1000 people in them. Many have less than 100. They even listed on town with 21 people in it. Woot! 21 people and its officially on the map!

We had been directed by Mon Amour's uncle to this Oasis in the dessert of Kansas...

It's not much to look at, a truck stop, really. But, the cinnamon rolls are as big as the one on the sign. See:

Delicious! It was the sugar high we needed to get through the rest of the rolling hills of Kansas...

And yes, it was in fact practically due south from our first stop in Kansas to our second. The road was completely straight the whole way.

The drive was worth it though, because we ended up in the Prettiest Spot in all of Kansas. See:

Sorry folks, this spot is taken. Mon Amour's Grandad owns it and its beautiful, kind of makes you forget its Kansas. (Sorry Kansas, I am being overly harsh...)

While at Grandad's, we explored a bit and took some picture of Papillon. (the photo currently at the top of the blog is from this part of the trip)

Papillon "climbed" a tree.

It rained one day, but really just the sunny rainbow filled kind of rain.

It's lovely in the day.

and lovely in the evening.

And the driveway is just gorgeous.


Thomas said...

That is just beautiful!

Kyle Jon and Katie Sue said...

Yay! A fellow blogger! Love all the pictures.

aestivasomniare said...

Whenever I think of Kansas, I always think of Granddad's and forget the rest of Kansas isn't like it. Hopefully I'll be able to go back soon - it's been too long.