Midwest 2011: Family and Everything Else

Anyone willing to look at yet another vacation post is a truly dedicated fan. So to anyone looking at this I say, Thank you for your dedication. This is the last vacation post, I promise. It's a bit of a catch all post for the rest of the Kansas part of the trip, so I will try and move fast.

I am so pleased that Papillon got to meet her Great Grandad. He is an awesome, God-fearing man who I love to call part of our family. Hopefully we will get out to see him again soon!

Papillon got lots of hugs from Great Grandad

On our last night in Kansas, we went out to eat with Mon Amour's Uncle who is also his God Father. We went to a fancy hotel in town where Papillon tested the couch for comfy-ness.

And then enjoyed some delicious peas and banana for dinner while the rest of us had some delicious Italian food!

Here we are before heading out to dinner.

And now back to more Great-Grandad and Papillon pictures, cause they are my favorite.

Grandad told me that I should "get a boy baby" next time (he was partially serious, and partially being silly), but he was totally in love with our little girl.

And here is some more Kansas family. Mon Amour's Aunt (owner of Starbuck and Packer) and her husband.

She is an artist extraordinaire. Painting is primarily her creative outlet of choice, but recently she has taken up jewelry making with rather a significant amount of success. Papillon received a pendant from her as a gift a while back, and she said that that was one of the first things she ever made, at the rate her jewelry business is growing, who knows, perhaps some day it will be a collectible!

She offered to make me a set of earrings to go with the pearl necklace that I had brought and I excitedly agreed! I picked out two pearls, and some gold beads and we strung them together...

And made this pretty pair of earrings!

And that, my friends, is our entire vacation. Sort of. I haven't told the stories about the people we met on the plane (Mon Amour talked to a woman for one entire flight, she also worked in non-profits) or the fun things we did that did not end up getting photographed. It was just such a wonderful vacation there are too many memories to put in the blog.

Therefore, I will move on.
Time for some non-vacation posts.

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