Beach Day and Sleepy Children

On one of Mon Amour's precious weekends home with us, we had plans to visit friends. But as I mentioned in my last post, we had all come down with Pink Eye. So visiting people was probably not the best way to make friends.   

We didn't feel like just sitting at home, however; so we headed to a nearby beach.  It was a sunny, rather warm day, and Papillon spent the entire time trying to figure out what was fun about the beach.  

The Sand? Nope, hated it. 
The Water? Nope, hated that. 
The Sun? Nope, too hot. 
The People? Definitely no. 
The Beach Blanket? She could tell there was sand underneath, so no. 
The lollipops were alright though. 

So after a few attempts to get her in the water...
...we headed back to the grassy spot in the shade by the car.  Much better.

Hibou was pretty neutral to the whole situation.

I am not sure what she was trying to be here. Cape...note pad...lots of cheery babbling. It was something imaginative, that is for sure.

All that fun in the sun (combined with the fact that we were all a little sick) makes for very sleepy children.  Papillon fell asleep in the Bumpo.

Hibou passed out on her play mat.

And at some point, Papillon made it to bed, death grip on her juice and still soooo tired.

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